Sunday, 19 September 2010


She likes Punk so there's Sid Vicious.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

CD Cover for Twat daddies

A Reunion gig is on the cards, this Halloween, for the Notorious and defunct Twat Daddies band which I played in, sung for and wrote most the tunes for.
Over 4 years, we played 40 gigs and earnt approximately £400.
It was our honour to play the last, and closing down, night for 4 venues.
Superb timeless punk rock with a hard core local following, we split up just for the hell of it.

Cartoon Expressionism

From an English Village Lady, wot I know, To scenes recurrent of the past and somewhat timeless and ongoing.
More Gouache Paint on Paper.

Pesky Pirate Clowns

And why not? My Favoured medium at the moment, of gouache paint on paper, For ease of scanning, A4 size, 11.7 X 8.2 inches.

Comic Sequence 2

To be viewed from the bottom up, obviously. Unless you want to go back in time?

Comic Sequence

Some pages of sequential Comic art, based on real people and real setttings in Oxford, where I moved to from London.

OIl Paintings from the Past.

Happily, 3 of these 4 oil on canvas works were sold.